• 1943 No.4 Mk1* Enfield Rifle (Mfg by Savage)

    1943 No.4 Mk1* Enfield Rifle
    (Mfg under Lend Lease Act by Savage in 1943)

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    Caliber: ....................... .303 in.
    Rifling & Twist: ............. 5 Groove, Enfield, Left Hand
    Barrel Length: .............. 25.2 in. (640mm)
    Overall Length: ............ 44.5 in. (1130mm)
    Weight: ....................... 9 lb. (4.1kg)
    Magazine Capacity: ...... 10 rounds

    Source: .... The Lee-Enfield Story by Ian Skennerton (1993) - ISBN: 185367138X

    Canadian Market Value Estimate: $

    1943 No.4 Mk1* Enfield Rifle
    This item has been reviewed by members of the Milsurps Advisory Panel.This item has been judged by members of the Milsurps Advisory Panel, to be authentic by original manufacturer, with all correct markings and components.
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    The rifle displayed in the photo pictorial is stamped U.S. Property, un-issued and all matching serial numbers, with all components and markings correct as on the day it left the factory.

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    1. Seaspriter's Avatar
      Fortunately there is enough data in Owner’s Survey from another post on this site to determine how to link Production Dates to Serial Numbers (within a month’s accuracy)
      Here’s the Survey Data:
      0C1 - 1941 MKI lowest # 1941 date
      0C2804 - 1941 MKI highest # 1941 date

      0C3870 - 1942 MKI lowest # 1942 date
      13C2752 - 1942 MKI highest MKI # 1942 date

      13C2845 - 1942 MKI* lowest MKI* # 1942 date
      36C1916 - 1942 MKI* highest MKI* # 1942 date

      38C2632 - 1943 lowest MKI* # 1943 date
      60C7797 - 1943 highest MKI* # 1943 date

      51C7693 - no date lowest MKI* # with no date
      0C63110 - no date highest MKI* # with no date
      First, the Serial Number is the clue to the Production Volume.
      For example, the serial number 96C1106 means the 961,106 gun off the production line.
      This information tells us that:
      1941 ~ 2,800 units produced, beginning July 22, 1941
      1942 ~380,000 units produced
      1943 ~445,000 units produced @36,500 units/month
      1944 ~220,000 units produced, ending June 22, 1944
      Total Production ~1,028,903 units produced
      Assuming 1942 was a ramp-up year, full production was attained by mid 1942, and continued at full production throughout 1943, and then dropped down in the last 2 months of production (May-June 1944), we can project these serial numbers connected to these APPROXIMATE dates:
      Jan 42 0C3800
      Feb 42 1C1500
      Mar 42 2C5000
      Apr 42 6C4500
      May 42 10C0000
      Jun 42 13C4500
      Jul 42 17C1000
      Aug 42 20C7500
      Sep 42 24C4000
      Oct 42 28C0500
      Nov 42 31C7000
      Dec 42 35C3500
      Jan 43 39C0000
      Feb 43 43C6500
      Mar 43 46C6500
      Apr 43 49C9500
      May 43 53C6000
      Jun 43 57C2500
      Jul 43 60C9000
      Aug 43 64C5500
      Sept 43 68C2000
      Oct 43 72C8500
      Nov 43 76C5000
      Dec 43 80C0000
      Jan 44 84C5000
      Feb 44 89C0000
      Mar 44 93C5000
      Apr 44 97C5000
      May44 0C50000
      Jun 44 0C63000
      Remember these approximations for reference. The data was derived from extrapolation, not Savage Production Data (which seems to be missing).
      If anyone knows of better data, please share it with us on this forum. (I’m not a statistician, just used High School Math!)
      Hope this helps shed some light on the serial number mystery.
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    1. Charlie's Avatar
      I have two 1942 Savage N0.4 Mk.1 (not*)
      S/N's 5C4190 and 5C6146
The SMLE 1903-1989