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Thread: Who are the members of the Milsurp Knowledge Library Advisory Panel?

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    Question Who are the members of the Milsurp Knowledge Library Advisory Panel?

    This item has been reviewed by members of the Milsurps Advisory Panel.This item has been judged by members of the Milsurps Advisory Panel, to be authentic with all correct markings and components.Members of the Milsurps Advisory Panel have concluded the authenticity and overall correctness of this item is open to question, in doubt, or undetermined.This item has been judged by members of the Milsurps Advisory Panel as NOT completely authentic, possibly has been rebuilt, or put together with incorrect parts substituted.

    The content of the Milsurp Knowledge Libraryicon is vetted and maintained by an Advisory Panelicon of current MILSURPS.COM members, all of whom have become recognized as having an extensive and broad milsurp knowledge base of experience, regarding various collectible areas and genres. These members have always been highly supportive and active within our milsurp collector community and they have agreed to assist in maintaining the integrity of the content.

    We hope that this site will become a valuable resource to the general milsurp collector community, helping all of our members to better enjoy their chosen hobby. We are open to suggestions as to how it can be improved, or if you have a specific question that you think would make for a good topic of a permanent article, please direct it to one of the Milsurp Knowledge Library advisory panel members, whose site user names are displayed in green lettering. Some members of the advisory panel have provided brief biographies, which may be viewed by hovering your mouse over their individual names displayed below.

    Current Milsurp Knowledge Library Staff

    Badger (Doug) - (Founding Partner, Administrator & Advisory Panel)
    Claven2 (Founding Partner, Moderator & Advisory Panel)
    Stevo (Founding Partner, Moderator & Advisory Panel)
    JimF4M1sicon (Moderator & Advisory Panel) - (Deceased Nov 16th, 2019) - R.I.P. - Remembering Jim Flavin
    Harlan (Moderator & Advisory Panel) - (Deceased January 2016 - R.I.P.)
    tbonesmithicon (Moderator & Advisory Panel)
    Dick Hosmericon (Advisory Panel)
    Tiriaq (Advisory Panel)
    Lee Enfield (Advisory Panel)
    Andy (Advisory Panel)
    Jollygreenslugg (Advisory Panel)
    Stencollector (Advisory Panel)
    Jim Tarletonicon (Advisory Panel)
    Woodchopper (Advisory Panel)
    Son (Advisory Panel)
    Green (Advisory Panel)
    Warren (Advisory Panel)
    Skippy (Advisory Panel)
    Lance (Advisory Panel)
    Roger Payneicon (Advisory Panel)
    Peter Laidlericon (Advisory Panel)
    Ian Skennertonicon (Advisory Panel)
    Brian Dickicon (Advisory Panel)
    John Thorneicon (Advisory Panel)
    Terry Hawker (Advisory Panel)
    Hambone (Advisory Panel)
    No4Mk1(T) (Advisory Panel)
    Servicepub (Advisory Panel) Clive M. Law, MStJ, FCMH - June 10th, 2017 R.I.P. - Announcement Thread
    Rick the Librarianicon (Advisory Panel)
    Nigel (Advisory Panel)
    sdh1911 (Advisory Panel)
    Gibbs505 (Advisory Panel)
    Simon (Advisory Panel)
    breakeyp (Advisory Panel)
    John Beardicon (Advisory Panel)
    Chuckindever (Advisory Panel)
    Painter777 (Advisory Panel)
    Thunderbox (Advisory Panel)
    louthepou (Advisory Panel)
    jmoore (Advisory Panel)
    Surpmil (Advisory Panel)
    JGaynor (Advisory Panel)
    Riceone (AdvisoryPanel)
    diopter (Advisory Panel)
    Bill Ricca (Advisory Panel)
    SimsonSuhl (Advisory Panel)
    smellie (Advisory Panel)
    purple (Advisory Panel)
    Patrick Chadwick (Advisory Panel)
    browningautorifleicon (Advisory Panel)
    Michael Petrov (Advisory Panel) Announcement (1946 - Feb 17th, 2014) R.I.P.
    Parashooter (Advisory Panel)
    Bob Seijasicon (Advisory Panel)
    Rick Bicon (Advisory Panel)
    USGI (Advisory Panel)
    jc5icon (Advisory Panel)
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