U.S. Rifle Model of 1917 - Nick Rozdziestwienski Collection

Here is an extremely well cared for Eddystone manufactured M1917. I included it in the feature pages because of its Enfield parentage.

Officially known as The United States Rifle, caliber .30, M1917 it is also known as the M1917, M-17, M17, P-17, P17 and the American Enfield. These rifles were more abundant on the battlefields of France during WW1 than the 03 Springfield, mainly because they were easier to manufacture and there was three factories already set up to produce them. During the course of World War 1, the M1917 proved itself to be a very strong and accurate battle rifle, so much so that serious thought was given by the U.S. military to replace the vaunted Springfield M1903 with this rifle. This example is in excellent shape for a rifle that may have seen Western Europe (WW1) and the South Pacific (WW2) before being released to the commercial market.

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