Magazine Lee-Enfield MkI* (MLE MkI*) - Lewis Maynard Collection

Featured on this page is a Birmingham Small Arms (BSA) Magazine Lee-Enfield MkI*, manufactured in 1902. This rifle saw military use in South Australia before being sold to a civilian in August 1909. When war came around, it was surrendered back into the military system again where it was re-barreled with the long Lithgow barrel (exact same length as the original British made barrels, just minor contour differences on the Knox form). Barrel date is 1921, and is parallel bored, bearing the P within a love heart stamp, making it quite rare. The barrel bears the 4MD stamp as well. The front sight is also different with these barrels; in so much as they use the SMLE dovetail sight. Easier for supply purposes. The wood on this rifle is quite stunning. The stock is made of dense wavy French walnut, the butt shows more scratches than the fore-end, which is nearly blemish free.

The butt is clearly stamped with the BSA roundel with the I* designator underneath. Forward of that is the >S< (sold-out-of-service) stamp, date of sale is 8/09. Below all of this is a stamp 87, perhaps a rack number? Also of note is the thicker butt plate and long upper tang (hard to see). The butt swivel is very different from the SMLE, essentially it is identical to the Martini-Henry and earlier rifles.

Left hand view of the receiver.

Right hand view of the receiver.

Long range dial sight and the rear tangent sight.

Piling swivel, bayonet lug, muzzle and front sight arrangement.

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