No1 MkIII* - Bill (Parallax) Collection

This page features an interesting peddled scheme No1 MkIII*. Full wood, original configuration Standard Small Arms (SSA) rifles are hard enough to come by, yet this one not only has retained its stock but also itís original tropical protective paint. Another interesting point is that this rifle bares Canadian Broad Arrows, indicating that this one at one point in history belonged to the Canadian Army. Perhaps it was ear marked for shipment to Hong Kong but never made it.

Bill is no stranger to military surplus rifles, check out Parallax's Curio & Relic webpage.

Standard Small Arms 1917 SMLE MkIII*

Faintly visible near the butt disc is the C Broad Arrow (Canadian Government Ownership marking).

Close-up picture detailing the C Broad Arrow.

The Standard Small Arms marking located at the rear of the receiver.

With the stock removed the details of the tropical protective paint is very evident. This paint was applied to prevent rusting in the humid conditions found in the South Pacific.

The left side of the receiver.

The right side of the receiver.

The barrel left side.

The barrel Knox Form.

The barrel right side.

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