Images courtesy of Ken Hallock

Owing to their overall length (49-1/2 inches), the Magazine Lee-Metford's and Magazine Lee-Enfield's are generally referred to as the "Long Lee's".

Lee-Metford MkI*

Lee-Metford MkI 1888 - 1892 Lee-Metford MkI* (photo) 1892 - 1893 Most commonly referred to as Magazine Lee Metford (MLM)

Lee-Metford Mk2

Lee-Metford Mk2 (photo) 1893 - 1895 Lee-Metford Mk2* 1895 Also referred to as Magazine Lee-Metford

Lee-Enfield MkI

Lee-Enfield MkI (photo) 1895 - 1899 Referred to as Magazine Lee-Enfield (MLE)

Lee-Enfield MkI*

Lee-Enfield MkI* (photo) 1899 - 1902 Also referred to as Magazine Lee-Enfield

Lee-Enfield CLLE MkI

Lee-Enfield Charger Loading Lee-Enfield (CLLE) (photo) 1903 - 1909 Many Magazine Lee-Metfords and Magazine Lee-Enfields had charger bridges installed on them, thus changing their official name to CLLE or CLLM

Lee-Enfield Cavalry Carbine

Lee-Enfield Cavalry Carbine LEC MkI (photo) 1896 - 1899 Lee-Enfield Cavalry Carbine LEC MkI* 1899

Lee-Enfield RIC

Lee-Enfield Royal Irish Constabulary Carbine (RIC) (photo) 1903 This carbine was fitted with a bayonet lug to attach the P1888 bayonet

Knowledge Library Entry - 1896 Mk1 MLE (Magazine Lee-Enfield) Long Lee (Mfg by BSA&M Co. - Birmingham Small Arms & Machine Co.)

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