• 1941 Portuguese Contract K98k Rifle (Mfg by Mauser Werke AG, Oberndorf a/N)

    1941 Portuguese Contract K98k (Karabiner 98) Rifle
    (Mfg in 1942 by Mauser Werke AG, Oberndorf a/N)

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    Caliber: ................................. 7.92 x 57mm (8mm Mauser)
    Rifling & Twist: ....................... 4 Groove, Right Hand
    Barrel Length: ........................ 23.62 in. (600mm)
    Overall Length: ...................... 43.7 in. (1110mm)
    Weight: ................................. 8.38 lb. (3.8 kg without sling, ammo or bayonet)
    Magazine Capacity: ................ 5 rounds
    Total Qty Mfg .....................

    Source: ....................... Backbone of the Wehrmacht
    (The German K98k Rifle, 1934 - 1945) by Richard D Law" (1993) - ISBN: 0-88935-139-2

    1941 Portuguese Contract K98k (Karabiner 98) Rifle

    (182 picture virtual tour)

    Observations: by Claven2
    Note: Pictures provided courtesy of MILSURPS.COM member Badger

    The K98k was the primary infantry rifle for the German Wehrmacht during World War II. The "k" is for Kurz, which means "short" in German. The post WW1 sale of German rifles to Portugal began as early as 1931, with the delivery of a number of pre-K98k Standard Gewehr rifles (not to be confused with the Standard Model). These early commercial contract Mausers were beautifully blued with deep, clear markings. The Portuguese crest was stamped on top of the receiver above the date of manufacture and the proofs and waffenampts were all standard German markings of the period, but the legend "MAUSER WERKE A.G. OBERNDORF A.N." replaced the usual "Mod.98" model designation on the left side of the receiver.

    By the 1940's, the K98k Mausers being produced for portugal had changed from the earlier Standard Gewehr to virtually exact copies of a circa 1941 Nazi K98k complete with cupped butt-plate, but retaining the marking scheme of the earlier Portuguese contract Mausers with a crested receiver and the Oberndorf receiver roll-stamp. Large numbers of these later K98k rifles, however, were never delivered to Portugal. Losses by the Whermacht forced the Germans to commandeer the rifles for the Reich. The above example is of this second type of Portuguese Contract Mauser which copies the K98k, though it is now impossible to say if it was delivered to Portugal or diverted to German service. To compensate the Portuguese for the loss of these rifles, in 1942 and 1943 The Reich reclaimed a number of issued random K98k rifles from the Wehrmacht and delivered them to Portugal. The Portuguese later stamped their national crest into the butt-stocks of these rifles.

    Aside from the Portuguese crest and commercial style receiver side-wall roll stamp, these rifles are materially identical to 1941 Mauser Oberndorf K98k Wehrmacht issue rifles, including Nazi WaA markings and Eagles clutching Swastikas for firing and inspection proofs.

    Collector's Comments and Feedback:

    1. For detailed viewing, the 1941 Portuguese Contract K98k displayed in the virtual picture tour has been stripped down to it's bare components, including bolt disassembly. For collectors looking for an all correct and highest value piece, it should be noted that all of the parts should be "all matching" (including under the wood), as can be seen in the example used here in our Milsurp Knowledge Library. For non-serial numbered parts. you should see many marked with an "RW" Inspection Mark (Rudolf Weiss, a Mauser employee and inspector). ....... Feedback by "Badger".

    2. Here are two K98k Mauser videos which have been extracted from our on-line "Screening Room" (click here). The first is contemporary WWII German Color Training Film) on the K98k Mauser Rifle, while the second one is a German K98k Bolt "Stripping & Assembling" Tutorial (Video courtesy of MILSURPS.COM member "CmpsdNoMore"). ....... Feedback by "Badger".

    ]To view any video simply click on the PLAY button. Click on video while playing to PAUSE and use other buttons at the bottom of the video window to adjust your personal viewing preferences, such as viewing in FULL SCREEN mode. Make sure you turn on your speakers and set the the volume appropriately.

    K98k Mauser Rifle
    (WWII German Color Training Film)
    "English Soundtrack"

    German K98k Bolt "Stripping & Assembling" Tutorial
    (Video courtesy of MILSURPS.COM member "CmpsdNoMore")
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