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    WTB: Rare Sniper rifles & Sniper scopes

    Hey there,

    I am in the market for rare Sniper rifles.

    Mostly bolt actions and 50's and upward.

    Don't hit me up if you have a ,mosin sniper, but please message me if you have a Accuracy...
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    For Sale: Beautiful deactivated MG 34

    This is an excellent sample of the famous MG.34 in "old spec" deactivated state. So you don't need a PAL to own this, since it cannot be made to fire.

    Origin: The deactivation was made by a...
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    Sticky: Hi there, Happy to be here, I've been a gun...

    Hi there,

    Happy to be here, I've been a gun nerd since I was 10 and spend most of my Free time shooting, repairing, or buying and selling guns. I am mostly into more modern precision rifles, but...
  4. For Sale: Very rare pristine Lee Enfield no.4T sniper rifle

    It is with great regret that I must list my prized possession.

    It is in absolutely mint condition, bore included. Very rare in this condition. Truly the best of the best!

    This rifle is in such...
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