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  1. WTB: Mle/ Long Lee or Martini enfield carbine rigby nosecnosecap

    Wanted Mle/Long Lee or Martini enfield nose cap to help out a couple of projects.
  2. WTB: Lee Metford mk1/mk1* magazine spring and follower

    Hi Guys
    Just wondering would anyone have the magazine spring and follower for a Metford I have the empty magazine case.
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    WTB: Bren gun front sight protector.

    Hi Guys,
    Looking to buy a Bren gun foresight protector to help complete an Aussie No6 Mk1 prototype carbine project.
  4. Australian Lithgow No1 Mk3 shortened and lightened carbine peep sight.

    Hi Guys,
    I'm trying to build a tribute rifle to the above rifle and was just wondering if any body could supply dimensions/blueprints/plans anything just to give a rough scale to build to.
  5. Hi Rob, Yes that's exactly what I'm looking...

    Hi Rob,
    Yes that's exactly what I'm looking for, how much are you after for the sight?
    Another guy has
    Also contacted me with the same sight but if it all falls through I'd be more than...
  6. WTB: Lee Enfield Clle windage rear sight or parts to re

    Looking for a complete windage adjustable rear sight or parts for a Clle mk1* lee enfield.
    Cheers, Heath.
  7. Thanks Lance, I got my front sight protector...

    Thanks Lance,
    I got my front sight protector from him will catch up with him and see what he's got.
    Cheers, Heath.
  8. Lee Enfield Clle windage rear sight or parts to rebuild

    Hi Guys,
    Recently acquired a Lee Enfield Clle 1* that is minus a rear windage sight and was just wondering if anyone would know of a source that could supply a complete or parts for this sight. Any...
  9. Thread: CLLE parts

    by Nzcoup1

    WTB: CLLE parts

    Looking for any CLLE part mainly front and rear sight parts.
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    very nice

    very nice
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