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    How do i post pictures here?

    How do i post pictures here?
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    I acquired several 40 round boxes of this 42 dated South African made 8mm Mauser ammo. Does anyone have any experience shooting this stuff? Is it safe, etc? The ammo looks in very good condition. ...
  3. M1885/93 Lebel front and rear band springs. Replacements?

    These are out of stock gun parts corporation. I was wondering if anyone knew of a front and rear band spring that would take the place and fit properly in the Lebel that comes from a different rifle?...
  4. Loading for my rusty, pitted Italian Vetterli Carcano.

    I understand the safety concerns about these rifles and the need to load WAYdown. I dont have a mold yet so want to load the three cases I picked up at the range with some old Sierra 85gr. .264 HPs...
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    Why no French milsurps?

    Im sure Im not the only one wondering why.
  6. Replacement stock needed for Lebel 86/93

    Ive been patiently waiting for the past seven months for a replacement stock from Foks in Poland. I just got word he is not working right now due to a family health emergency. Im sure when able he...
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    63 Match M1 Garand Ammo Lake City. Safe?

    Was just given a box of 1963 Lake City Caliber .30 Match M72 Ammo by old friend wanting me to test in my HRA Garand Special. It says 173 grain bullet at 2640 FPS. Is it safe for Garands generally? ...
  8. 8mm cast bullet suggestions?? And sizer.

    Just trying to get started casting for my two K98Ks and maybe G43. Was wondering what is being used out there and how they perform? Ive seen the Lee 8mm Karabiner 215 Grain Double Cavity...
  9. WTB: 1886/m93 Lebel rifle magazine tube follower and spring

    Need the follower and spring to turn my rifle into a repeater instead of a single shot.
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    WTB: French Lebel fore end stock 1886/M93.

    My Lebel 1886/M93 beater has a mostly missing front end stock. Anyone have one they are willing to sell? Even if its a decently dont sporterized version Id be interested.
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    French Lebel (not Berthier) rifle looking for...

    French Lebel (not Berthier) rifle looking for forward stock piece, or also buttstock if available.

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  12. WTB: Looking for a Lebel 1886/93 stock forend and tube.

    Need a decent wood forend for a Lebel rifle 1886/M93
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