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  1. WTB: Looking for the impossible - An original barrel for a P35 Radom

    I just purchased an FB Radom Viz 35 and when it arrived, it became obvious that the barrel had something welded in it at some point to render it unusable, but then it appears to have been hammered...
  2. WTB: Top handguard for a Berthier M16 carbine

    I recently bought a very nice and matching M16 Berthier carbine but it is lacking the top handguard. They are quite difficult to find, the only ones I have found are $75 at Liberty Tree or very...
  3. WTB: Original GEW88 en bloc Mannlicher clips

    I recently acquired an unmodified 1889 Spandau GEW88 with the correct .318 groove diameter bore. I am finding that the correct Mannlicher clips are unobtanium via standard sources. If any of you...
  4. Yep, it's matchy matchy. Very very happy with...

    Yep, it's matchy matchy. Very very happy with it. I'd love to know more about the mystery barrel date codes but hey that's part of the fun in collecting.
  5. I haven't taken the shotgun down yet, the forend...

    I haven't taken the shotgun down yet, the forend magazine cap is pretty tight. I assume the SN is concealed somewhere when the shotgun is assembled? I have a Model 11 "meat gun" in 16ga so I am...
  6. Question on newly-acquired 1943 Remington Model 11 military shotgun

    I recently acquired a Remington Model 11 military shotgun with all of the correct markings and dimensions. What has me puzzled is the date code on the barrel. By all accounts, the AM means it (the...
  7. WTB: Mark 1 Sht LE forestock with volley sight cutouts

    I'm looking at a Bubba'd LE and will need a correct forestock with the volley sight cutouts. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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    WTB: Lee Enfield No 4/5 Bolt Heads

    Trying to remedy excessive headspace issues in my No 5 Jungle Carbine. Anyone have any No 2 or 3 bolt heads or any recommendations where to locate them? Thank you in advance.
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