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    More info on the "Coleman WWI Pocket Stove" I...

    More info on the "Coleman WWI Pocket Stove"

    I learned this interesting historical tidbit from the Coleman’s site:

    “Less than twenty years later, World War II swept across the globe. Like many...
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    Lucky troop has two bucket boots. Many US troops...

    Lucky troop has two bucket boots. Many US troops were still in field shoes and leggings after the European war was over.

    USGI field stove. On or off. On it was 7,500 BTU for boiling a can of...
  3. Issue rate for rifle cleaning kits, various countries

    I have a question:
    What was the TO&E rate of rifle cleaning kits for countries that did not have butt stock kits?

    The US, UK, AU and Canada have had simple cleaning gear in the butt stocks of...
  4. Need info on this Enfield No. 2 Mk 1** revolver

    A friend requested that I research this Enfield revolver for him. Since my knowledge of Enfield and Webley "pistols" is almost nill I turn to the forum for assistance.

    The attached pics are of...
  5. Need ID on early WWII leather "Enfield" rifle sling

    Back in 1968 I acquired this leather rifle sling from an American mail order company. In all my years looking at milsurp rifles I have never seen another one. Any info the forum can provide would be...
  6. Do Mk VII .303 bullets really upset in .......

    The Mk VII .303 military FMJ bullet was designed with a light nose filler to cause the bullet to "up set" or yaw quicker increasing the wound channel. Did this design feature actually produce the...
  7. Enfield WWI/WWII pull through cleaning gear-what does it look like?

    Now this is kind of strange. In all my years of "millsurping" I just realized that I have never seen an example of WW1 or WW2 Enfield cleaning equipment other than brass or plastic oil bottles. ...
  8. Question: Sterling Mk 4 SMG extractor spring plunger and the center spring plunger

    Questions on the Sterling Mk 4 SMG (L2A3):
    --Is the extractor spring plunger the same part as the bolt's center spring plunger?
    --Is the purpose of the center spring plunger at the rear of...
  9. Where WWI 75MM & 8 Pound Quick Fire casings re-loaded?

    Silly question.
    During WWI vast amounts of 75MM and 18 Pound Quick Fire shells where expended. Did the French and/or British reload the cases or just process them for scrap. If they where...
  10. High Standard

    High Standard
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    Silly question. How do you use the British style...

    Silly question. How do you use the British style can opener on the pocket knife shown in post 4 third pic from left on table lower left corner. When I use this style can opener I get a very rough...
  12. Question

  13. Need info on non-USA WWII .45 ammunition production.

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    Your thoughts on this "No. 4 T"

    I have the opportunity to purchase this "No. 4 T" (no transit case or scope can etc) for $2,500 USD. The seller acquired it approx 15 years ago. The cheek piece, front hand guard and front band...
  15. I did not show the brushes. The rod came with a...

    I did not show the brushes. The rod came with a bore brush and USGI M16 style chamber brush both with the civilian thread.
  16. ID of this sectional steel cleaning rod. Early M16?

    Recently added this sectional steel cleaning rod to my gear bag.
    Question: Is it an example of early M16 US issue cleaning equipment? One of the rod sections is knurled. Thx
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    USGI LSA lube. Has teflon in it so that is why...

    USGI LSA lube. Has teflon in it so that is why you have to shake it. The military replaced it with CLP.
  18. Just picked up

    Just picked up
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    Gents, For the good of the forum let this thread...

    Gents, For the good of the forum let this thread die now.
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    Who made these NOS No 1 Mk3 barrels?

    Just acquired two NOS No. 1 Mk3 barrels. They are covered in what appears to be tool dip as a preservative. From the pics attached can the forum tell me the manufacturer and any history or...
  21. Purpose of mid-length sling swivel on No. 4T and Enfield target rifles?

    Would some of our UK and Common Wealth target shooters answer the following question from this "Yank". What is the purpose of the sling swivel that is mounted in front of the magazine on the No. 4T...
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    Thank You to "Mark in Rochester"

    Mark, Just a short note to thank you for all the great pics you post on this site. Your efforts are much appreciated. All the best, Steve762
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    How erosive is cordite?

    Just how erosive is cordite loaded .303 vs "Z" loaded .303? Thx, Steve
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    What's it worth: Enfield No7Mk1/L M47A Bayo

    What is a No 7 Mk1/L M47A Enfield bayonet worth in USD. No scabbard. Thx, Steve762
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    No. 4 Mk2 with target rear sight

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