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Thread: Re-installing gas cylinder

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    Re-installing gas cylinder

    I purchased a CMPicon Springfield special last year, the one with a new barrel and walnut stock. It looks brand new except the gas cylinder looks like it had been through the war. More like shallow dents then pits on one side. Bolt and trigger group are 1941 while the receiver 55 to 57. Follower, left drum and pinion and front sight looks like new parts.

    The rifle came very dry so I broke it down but left on the gas cylinder when oiling it and treating the wood. I used one good coating of birchwood tru oil aerosol and old school rem oil.

    Last month I took it along to the range and noticed the rear sight wobbled side to side and some front and back movement as well. A replaced cover spring from Fulton fixed this issue (was a tiny bit wider then the one it replaced).
    Since I needed to sight it in again before hunting (worked up a hunting load over the summer) I decided to take off the gas cylinder and hand guards to oil the rifle really good. Also to treat the wood inside and out with teak oil (came out a little darker looking).

    A gap was kept between the rear hand guard and receiver and when hammering on the gas cylinder, movement with the front hand guard was kept. The front handguard is loose enough you can hear it hit when moving it forward and rearward and there is a little wobble movement.

    Tightening the gas plug pulled everything up to it snug.
    Was there something else I should have watched out for when re-installing the gas cylinder?
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    i can not find the link to peening the gas cylinder

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