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Thread: Type I Carcano Questions

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    Type I Carcano Questions

    According to Chegia and Simonelli's book on the Carcano Rifle, the fixed battle sight on the Type I Carcano is for 400 meters. Does anyone out there know what the point of impact should be for this rifle when shooting at a target with the "pumpkin on a post" sight picture, at 100 and 200 yards? (Results of my first time out with the rifle shooting Norma ammo was 12" above point of aim at 100 yards.) Also, would anyone have a ballistics chart for 100-200-300 meters or 100-200-300 yards?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I would research what ball ammunition was doing but as a guide I dug out some old Hornady 4th editions books one Reloads the other Ballistic charts using the 160gn #2640 bullet driven at 2000ft/sec for a reasonable load, as in the books I have have the max it can be driven is 2200ft/sec, I know things have become better with the powders but this is just from old books without getting into the new ones I have to keep it reasonable.

    IMR 4350 35.6 grains = 2000ft/sec COAL = 2.970" therefore basing this speed/projectiles flight ;

    For a 100 yard zero = 100 yds - 0, 200 yds - 10" Low, 300 yds - 35.5" Low,
    For a 200 yard zero = 100 yds - 5" High, 200 yds - 0, 300 yds - 22" low,
    For a 300 yard zero = 100 yds - 13.3" High, 200 yds - 15.2" High, 300 yds - 0. (Looks like your rifle is zeroed for 300yds could be doing 2200/fps given your 100yd data.)

    FPE @ 100yds = 1077 Ft/lbs
    FPE @ 200yds = 808 Ft/lbs
    FPE @ 300yds = 610 Ft/lbs

    300yds looks the goods as the hold under sighting is not that bad given there is only 1.9" difference between 100 - 200 yds
    ***Again no liability accepted using these loads quoted***
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