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Thread: RIFLES looking for Scopes

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    1931 dated Enfield Trials rifle serial No. A1374.
    Has scope serial No. 14603 and bracket is numbered #AV3523. Looking for scope number #6041 with bracket A1374. Ray

    OOPS, Posted this before. Sorry I'm losing it, Lol
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    To make a short update, I have the following No. 4 T rifles:
    1. BSA No. 4 T 1943, Indian refurbished, now serial 0780. Butt serialized to scope 19382, below that another unreadable number. It carries No. 32 Mk. III by AK & S No. 17522 from 1945. Bracket with this scope has been serialized to four rifles total, aside of serial 38492 all being lined out (serials lined out are B31132, B34618 (not sure on the last three digits) and 34715 (not sure on first two and last digit))
    2. BSA No. 4 T 1944, serial 37796. Butt serialized to scope 19493 (while the second 9 could also be 0 or 8, it is factory overstamped). It carries No. 32 Mk.I by HBMCo. No. 9489. Bracket with this scope is serialized to A30337
    3. RFI 1962 No. 4 MK1/2 serial ???. Butt serialized (non-originally) to 16026. It carries No. 32 Mk.II coded OS from 1944, serial 16026. Bracket with this scope has several serials, aside of serial A0157T all lined out (serials lined out are K 75022 and U92880)
    4. Savage No. 4 T serial 14C2418 from 1942 (S51 marked buttstock). It carries No. No. Mk.3 OS 2039A T No. 20622 (not sure on the second digit?). Bracket with this scope marked with KD (?) has been serialized to a lined out serial (which I can't read) and is now serialized to another unreadable number, both scope and bracket black painted.
    5. Enfield No. 4 T Trials from 1931, A1906, with scope bases removed and replaced buttstock (not serialzed to rifle for what I know), butt serialized to scope 15905, where I am not sure on the second digit
    6. Indian No. 4 Mk.1/2 T serial A0228T from 1962, butt appears to have had serial 37??. No scope or bracket with this rifle

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