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Thread: How to use "The Book and Video Review Corner"

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    Announcement How to use "The Book and Video Review Corner"

    Anyone who is into collecting old milsurps as a hobby, surely has a huge collection of reference material to go along with it, including books, videos and perhaps original period military training pamphlets.

    The Book and Video Review Corner is designed to be an area for any MILSURPS.COM registered member, to recommend to other members, material that they found useful or entertaining. In some cases, it may also serve as a forum to recommend that other members avoid certain books or videos as being over priced or perhaps inaccurate. The material that may be reviewed here is not subject to just being about collecting milsurps or technical information. Please feel free to post feedback about relevant theatrical productions, as well as works of non fiction (or even fiction) that involves the use of old military surplus rifles and accessories. This forum should not be used to display or discuss YouTube, PhotoBucket, or other web site privately created videos. If you have something personal like that and would like to display it, please contact me at, to arrange to have it posted in The Screening Room (click here)

    This forum is open for members to both post and reply within, so if you see a book or video review that you either agree (or disagree) with, then please don't hesitate to post replies to an existing thread. In that way, other members will see a broader response from more people, as to their impressions about any particular book or video.

    The moderators will police the forum as much as possible, to ensure that only the appropriate reviews appear, as well as the interaction amongst members remains civil.

    Besides our regular moderating staff (claven2 and Stevo), this particular forum is also moderated by Gibbs505 (click to contact).

    Finally, some members might click on a movie thread to watch and get a message that says The content of this specific thread is only available for viewing by our Contributing Members.

    Although the Military Surplus Collectors Forums are FREE to everyone interested in our chosen hobby, Contributing Members are a special group of people who have graciously chosen to voluntarily donate a nominal amount of money, to help us defray several thousand dollars in annual system bandwidth, server, disk storage and monthly maintenance costs needed to operate the site, which includes the additional costs of handling these unique and special movies.

    More than 90% of our on-line streaming movies, books and magazines are available for unlimited viewing by our free Registered Member group, however, there is a small percentage that are not available on any public servers, where the large costs of streaming them are borne elsewhere. These special movies are unique and often not available publicly anywhere. All of them need to be hosted directly by us, plus the additional costs of storing and streaming them are covered by our site alone. Those additional processing costs are also handled directly as part of our site operational overheads.

    For more information, How do I become a Contributing Member (click here)

    We hope you enjoy this addition to the Military Surplus Collectors Forums.

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