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Thread: Any thoughts on US&S on gunbroker?

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    Any thoughts on US&S on gunbroker?

    Can any one advise if this is the real deal and what a fair price would be?


    thanks in advance...Carl
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    Carl: The very best advice I can offer is to purchase a Charles W. Clawson Collector's Guide 3rd Edition and photo CD by Karl Karash.

    That's the place to start with learning these pistols. You may think the message boards are the answer, but what are you going to do when opinions differ?

    The answer is to learn the pistols first...then buy with confidence. The boards are great to come and learn when buying or selling is not the issue. There are great discussions about pistols and their specific features that will enhance your learning. However, it takes tme to learn and opinions will normally vary between thise who post on the boards.

    The Clawson book has been out of print since 2003, but if you contact me, I can provide both the book and CD. Additionally, Karl Karash still has books and CD's at the same price... $60...the lowest price I think htere is anywhere.

    This is not a book ad. I don't care if you buy anything from anyone. I'm just advising you to take the time to learn before you plop down the green on something you don't know about.

    The pistol you as about is not original. I wouldn't buy it unless it were priced lower than a modern-day shooter. Modern shooters run about $500. Why pay more for something that isn't collectible? Commercially refinished pistols that are not original don't interest many collectors.

    Th fact that you ask about this auction pistol is good. At least you took the time to ask first. I'd advise you to now follow through and expend the time, energy and expense to really learn about these great pistols. The cheapest and best way to learn is by looking at other people's guns that aren't for sale. Learn from the discussions about those pistols, when there aren't any buy/sell motives involved. Hook-up with an experienced local collector who will take the time to help you learn. Go to some gun shows. Look at some guns...don't buy. Meet some collectors and take your time.

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