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Thread: How do I report "spammers" or inappropriate posts?

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    Question How do I report "spammers" or inappropriate posts?

    Since October, 2006, the Military Surplus Collectors Forums have grown consistently from month to month, now approaching almost 1,000 registered members.

    When combined with thousands of additional un-registered "guest" visitors every week, who view the Main Home Page with its Featured MKLicon (Milsurp Knowledge Libraryicon) Entry of the Month and the Quartermaster Stores, we are bound to see an increase in spammers promoting garbage. Lately, the incidence of these people registering and posting ads about pornography and prescription drugs has been much higher than the norm.

    So, how can you help us deal with these characters?

    Normally, your moderation staff catch the threads before they've been posted for very long, but we can't be on-line watching for them all the time. If you see an inappropriate post that's obviously from a spammer, please click on the small caution triangle that appears in the personal post details (near the bottom) under the QM Stores Rating:.

    It looks like this --->

    That will take you to a reporting screen, where you can notify the moderation staff about any (not just spam) inappropriate post. The moderators receive an immediate email notification and can then log in as soon as possible to deal with it including "banning" the user, before his post has been up too long.

    Thanks for your support.....


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