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Thread: TM-43-0001-27 - Army Ammunition Data Sheets (1994)

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    Post TM-43-0001-27 - Army Ammunition Data Sheets (1994)

    The following article has been extracted from the Technical Articles for Milsurp Collectors and Re-loaders (click here)

    TM-43-0001-27 - Army Ammunition Data Sheets (1994)
    DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT: Approved for public release: distribution is unlimited.

    Format: 201 pages

    Note: The following pics are presented to show the index of the manual's content only. The quality of these quick pics is much lower than what actually appears within the actual PDF manual.

    (Click PIC to Enlarge)

    (Click PIC to Enlarge)

    Complete Book - PDF File Download
    PDF file size= 8.86 Mb

    (Click PIC to read and save Adobe PDF File)
    (Right Click on PIC and choose "Save Target As..." to download PDF file)

    Note: Original PDF file of complete book provided courtesy of MILSURPS.COM member JBS (click here). On behalf of the membership, we'd like to thank John for his support of the forums and the collectors community in general.

    Observations: by Badger

    TM-43-0001-27- Army Ammunition Data Sheets (1994)


    This manual is a reference handbook published as an aid in planning, training, familiarization and identification of small arms ammunition, ranging from 22 caliber through 30 millimetre and shotgun ammunition from .410 to 10 gage. This is the Federal Supply Class 1305. Operating instructions are contained in the appropriate weapons manuals.


    For each item of materiel, there are illustrations and descriptions together with characteristics and related data. Included in the related data are weights, dimensions, performance data, shipping and storage data, type classification, and logistics control code (LCC). Refer to SC 1305/30-IL for weight, dimensions and cube of packing boxes for small arms ammunition.

    Collector's Comments and Feedback:

    1. Note: After you click on images to ENLARGE them, you may find they automatically size smaller in your browser's window making them harder to view. The auto sizing is your browser's way of keeping images entirely within the screen size you have set. Move your mouse pointer to the bottom centre of the pic and you will see an options panel appear. There will be a small square box next to the large X, which will have a pointer arrow sticking out of it. If it's illuminated, it means the pic you're viewing can be enlarged, so click on this box and the pic will EXPAND and open to its normal size. ..... (Feedback by "Badger")
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