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Thread: Model 1903 and Mauser Patent Infringments

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    Post Model 1903 and Mauser Patent Infringments

    Here is the little write up on the Mauser patents. The original article from The 1915 Outers publication was posted by Michael Petrov on the old CSPicon site on 30 Sept 2006.

    While it's well known the Model 1903 design infringed certain patents belonging to Paul Mauser it's less well known precisely what the patents covered.

    Following is a very brief description of the patents involved plus a little background on the issues. Several readily available sources are cited for readers who are interested in more detail as well some guidance for accessing the patent office website. Regarding the patent office site I believe it may be necessary to download some software to view the images. I believe the instructions for the free download are available from inside the site. In the interest of brevity I am keeping this short but there is more to the story and I would encourage those interested to plumb the sources listed below.

    Complete Document - PDF File Download
    PDF file size= 1.5 Mb

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