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Thread: Do I have a Rare Carcano? HK 8mm Single Shot?? Pictures

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    using this link to identify:
    Carcano Model Identification

    The barrel is 51.2 cm and the tip of the barrel to the end of the butt is 103.5cm

    the rear sight is also a fixed sight

    I dont know how accurate that article is, but it seems very in depth and the author knows his stuff
    According to the article, the 91/41 Fucile measurments are 69.2 and 116.8 respectfully. This would appear that if I had said gun that the barrel was cut approximately 18cms, but if that were the case the overall length would be 121.5 which is longer than the 116.8 that is documented. Also, my rear sight is fixed and on the article it says that the rear sight should be adjustable

    Any thoughts?

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    Hey i have one of those

    I have one that looks just like that, but mine has a ww1 style rear sight.

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    "The Model 1891 Carcano Rifle" Chegia & Simonelli does a good job of covering the 1945 Kreighof and the post war Italianicon 7.9 conversions.

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