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Thread: Unusual Nepalese Francotte.

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    Unusual Nepalese Francotte.

    Wanted to get some thoughts on this. While at my local gun show today, I saw what at first appeared to be an average run o' the mill Nep Francotte. But something was different about this one. First off, despite being caked in all the gunk and whatnot that most of us are used to seeing on these cache weapons, this one seemed in remarkably good condition. No cracked wood, extensive rust, etc. Secondly, this one had a thumbrest, just like the Brit guns. Thirdly, the lever and trigger group were different, almost Belgian looking. Overall, the rifle seemed to be precision made, not rough like the Nep built guns. Even the screws looked more professionally made. But the thumbrest and lever and trigger was what really got my attention. Oh, and the use of Arabic numerals on the sight post as opposed to Nep characters. I asked the dealer if this came out of the cache, and he said yes. Anyone seen a 'Nepalese' Francotte with a thumbrest? Can't help but think that this is a somewhat unusual gun. Any thoughts are appreciated.

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    Maybe a bitsa where somebody probably put it together as a shooter then sold it.!!!!

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