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Thread: Unfortunately Enfields Are Still In Use In Afghanistan

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    Unfortunately Enfields Are Still In Use In Afghanistan

    Report in the UK papers over the weekend.

    Two Britishicon soldiers killed by one shot from an Enfield Rifleicon - see the link

    Taliban sniper kills 2 British soldiers with 1 devastating shot in Afghanistan | Mail Online

    Mine are not the best, but they are not too bad. I can think of lots of Enfields I'd rather have but instead of constantly striving for more, sometimes it's good to be satisfied with what one has...

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    Such a sad story. I heard and have not been able to confirm the shooter was taken out with a airstike.

    RIP lads.
    Why use a 50 pound bomb when a 500 pound bomb will do?

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    Yes unfortunately the weapon of choice for the bad guys is not always the state of the art rocket launcher, our boys are constantly finding old smles and no4s and mausers in caches all the time. The other unfortunate thing is that these weapons will out distance most of our small arms by a good 600m or more, but the old paper scissors air strike works every time. RIP to our brave and courageuos fighting men.

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