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Thread: Reference Thread - J.C. Devine, Inc. Auction (August 10th, 2008)

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    Post Reference Thread - J.C. Devine, Inc. Auction (August 10th, 2008)

    Reference thread for J.C. Devine, Inc. Auction (click here) which took place on August 10th, 2008.

    From their web site:

    Welcome to J.C. Devine, Inc., Auctioneers and Appraisers. For over 33 years, J.C. Devine, Inc. has been the leader in bringing to auction fine collections of firearms, edged weapons, and military memorabilia. Our company has ALWAYS been under the same ownership and name and have nothing to hide. Federally Licensed, fully Insured and Bonded, you are Guaranteed the Protection of your items while they are in our possession from loss, theft, and damage. We are the oldest and finest firearms auction house in the country and produce one of the finest catalogs available with all photography done at our on-site studio. J.C. Devine, Inc. also has the privilege of being the first licensed auctioneer to bring Class III firearms to auction.

    We are a Corporate Sponsor of The Friends of the Springfield Armory Museum and the Gun Owners of New Hampshire, a Corporate Member of The New Hampshire Historical Society, a Sustaining Corporate Member of the Museum of the Confederacy and Confederate States Army, and a Life Member of the NRA. We have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Arts And Antiques Weekly, and Money Magazine as well as a number of other National and International periodicals and journals on Firearms and Collectibles. Our Dunn and Bradstreet rating is the best in the business.

    J.C. Devine, Inc. is a full service auction house, offering Appraisals of your merchandise, free Pickup by our courteous and experienced staff, Research and descriptions by our in house writers and outside experts when necessary. Digital color photography is prepared of your items to be placed in Advertisements in worldwide periodicals and journals, as well as the Internet.

    We handle absentee bids, phone bids, and floor bids from our vast and growing customer list from all 50 states, and 24 foreign nations. All local, state and federal firearms paperwork is handled by our staff. Our auctions are held in a full service luxury hotel with comfortable seating and all the amenities. Our experienced staff and full security ensure that the items are carefully and safely handled. New Hampshire is the best state to sell and transfer firearms. New Englandicon is known to get the best prices for firearms.

    We have owned our own facility since 1960 which comprises of 4,400 square feet of climate controlled security, with another 17,000 square feet of secured space.

    Our Shipping Department quickly and reliably handles all Receiving and Shipping of all goods to assure the safe arrival of your goods, and are available to answer any questions that you may have.

    Are you planning to sell your gun, blade or Militaria collection, in its entirety or in part? Our firearms auctions include a huge variety of collectibles, everything from Civil War weapons to machine guns, Colt firearms to every kind of Winchester rifle, Japaneseicon swords, or Germanicon Militaria. If you have an estate gun collection , or only one gun for sale, consider letting us sell it in one of our gun auctions.

    We are dedicated to getting the best prices for our consignors and have set many records. We are ready to handle consignments of any size, from a single piece to large collections, with careful attention to our customers' needs. J.C. Devine, Inc.'s 30 years of experience will give you the service and experience that you deserve.

    Some samples of premium pieces that were auctioned off.

    Lot #14: (08-065-058) (click here) Estimated Price: $4,000 - $5,000

    Description: Serial# 223853, .303 British caliber. 26" barrel, fine bore. This has the long range fine tune aperture rear sight and a quick detachable "B.S.A" 1918 Model telescopic sight with a crosshair and picket post reticle. The rifle has matching numbers on the bolt, scope and scope case. The rifle retains 99% of an arsenal refinish with a few minor blemishes on the stocks. The scope is in fine condition with clear optics and the original leather lens covers. A military khaki canvas sling in excellent condition is installed.

    Attachment 2056 - Attachment 2057 - Attachment 2058

    Sold for $6,500 U.S. plus 15% (17.5% if using credit card) to Joe Salter (click here)

    Lot #15: (08-065-012) (click here) Estimated Price: $2,500 - $3,000

    Description: Serial# N34891, .303 British caliber. 25" barrel, excellent, bright bore. The rifle was made by BSA at Shirley and is code marked "M47C". It was converted to a sniper rifle by Holland & Holland and has their "S51" code stamped on the buttstock to the rear of the wrist. The buttstock socket is properly marked "TR" and the bolt number matches with "S" stamped under the bolt head. The telescopic sight is marked "TEL. STG. NO32 MK3/ COS2039A/ R.E.L. CANADA/329-C/(broad arrow)". In addition, the scope has the painted letters "CB" in blue and "W" in red. The scope mount is numbered "90L8246". The forend has a matching serial number and the bottom of the wrist has inspection stamps. The walnut stocks have a grooved handguard and a separate cheekpiece attached with blued steel screws. 98% metal finish, very nice stocks with several small blemishes but no wear. The scope has bright optics with a post and crosshair reticle, minor finish wear caused by the lens covers. The rifle is in the issue wood chest with the following accessories: a canvas sling, a No. 4 MKI spike bayonet with scabbard, an extra magazine, a plastic oiler, a pull-through, a paper packet with 10 blank cartridges, and tan leather lens covers stamped with a broad arrow.

    Attachment 2059 - Attachment 2060

    Sold for $2,600 U.S. plus 15% (17.5% if using credit card) to Joe Salter (click here)

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