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Thread: Why does this forum delete websites???

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    Question Why does this forum delete websites???

    OK, I give up! Why does this forum delete websites??? I tried to send the website for a Bren part to someone who was looking for one. It deleted the website! I tried to send a private message to that person to give him the information. AGAIN your programme DELETED the information!
    I AM NOT selling anything! I HAD NO BLOODY interest in gaining anything out of that other than helping someone who needed a part!

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    Hello John ….

    Our web site does not delete or block the posting of other web site links. It does not stop you, or any Registered member from sending PM's to other members, unless of course, the member has that option turned OFF, indicating they do not want to receive PM's.

    I'm not quite sure why you are experiencing so much difficulty, as our site operates standard vBulletin software used by Gunboards, GunNutz, Joustericon and all of the other major firearms sites on the web.

    I do note that you have on several other occasions come here and posted complaints about using the site or buying products seen in banner ads on the site, only to never return to the read the same complaint thread you started and get your answer.

    Here are two examples…

    Somebody else using my name?

    Book on accurizing the Lee enfield?

    The thread log indicates you haven't read either of those threads since you posted your original complaint. So, why are you bothering to rant and ask the questions, if you really weren't that interested in receiving any answers?

    To answer your specific questions here.

    PM's are sent a dozen different ways, but the simplest way if you are reading someone's post, is to click on the small envelope at the bottom of the post, for the member you wish to communicate with. See the attached pic. If there's an envelope showing, then he accepts PM's and clicking the envelope takes you directly to the Send PM function. Heck, it even fills in his username for you. If there's NO envelope present, then the member DOES NOT accept PM's, so you can't send him one. For the member you were speaking of in your complaint, I just checked, he has an envelope which I clicked on and it works just fine.

    As far as blocking or not permitting you to paste a link in your post, I have no idea what you're doing wrong, but it's certainly working fine, as I just tested it myself.

    If you seriously would like help, then leave me a phone number via a PM and a convenient time I could call you in the evening, when you are sitting in front of your computer. I'll call at my expense and try to help you out, if you still have problems.

    To ensure you read this thread and hopefully, the other two threads you launched complaints in, I'll send you via email a link to this specific help thread.

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