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Thread: TM 9-1603 Direct Sighting Telescopes for Tanks Motor Carriages, Antitank Rifles & ..

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    TM 9-1603 Direct Sighting Telescopes for Tanks Motor Carriages, Antitank Rifles & ..

    Small Arms.

    Just picked up a copy of this manual to help complete my library on sniper related equipment. Its an original published in 1951.

    It's an ordnance maintenance manual and has detailed instructions for the disassembly, servicing and reassembly of the instruments covered along with a description of the special tools.

    The focus is pretty narrow its really aimed at the optical technician. There is nothing much in the way of history, manufacturer's, variations or quantities manufactured.

    It does cover the M73B1, M81 and M82.

    Unless you are working on one of theses scopes or just want as complete a library as possible most collectors will probably want to give this book a pass.


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