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Thread: BRNO vz24 7x57 scattergun

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    BRNO vz24 7x57 scattergun


    Acquired one of the Brazilianicon vz24s on an auction site. Cool rifles with interesting history, and a great round for the whitetails and wild hogs we hunt here in Alabama. Easy to scope with a clamp-on scout mount that will let me fall back on the iron sights if necessary. (I have my 8mm vz24 set up this way).

    The good news: Action is nice and tight, stock is battered but solid. Barrel matches receiver matches stock. Bolt doesn't match, but is the appropriate bent handle with checkering. Barrel exterior has a couple of patches of bad pitting under the handguard. Took it to my gunsmith. The bolt closes on the go gauge, doesnít close on the no go.

    The bad news: Took it to the range. Twice. Accuracy at 25 yards was minute-of-page (at best), and w/ 139-140 grain bullets, about half keyholed. On the second range trip, with 154 grain bullets, three of four shots fired hit the target (backing) going sideways. The other shot was the start load; primer was backed out from low pressure.

    Okay, caveat emptor and all that. I took a gamble, and it didnít work out. Thatís life.

    However, I now own a nice little piece of history . . . that doesnít shoot straight. My other milsurp rifles do, and they have been, or will be, pressed into service putting meat on the table.

    My question is, what do I do with this one? Itís useless to me as it is.

    Do I put it back on the market, acknowledging the flaws I didnít know about when I bought it? Iíll take a beating.

    Do I sit on it until such a time as the value for a BRNO wallhanger outpaces what I paid for it hoping for a shooter? (Bear in mind that Iíll be 100 years old in 2059)Ö.

    Do I rebarrel it?

    I could -- tomorrow Ė go to Numrich and buy an unissued, unfired, refurbished 19.5Ē barrel from a Brazilian 1922 carbine. Could get my gunsmith to swap out the barrels, and put the original sights on the new barrel. The stock would not be correct, and itíd be touch and go whether the barrel stuck out past the bayonet lug. But I reckon itíd shoot straight.

    I could buy a ďdark boreĒ 1912 barrel from another auction seller, and have the correct length for the stock--and another questionable bore to contend with.

    I could buy a sporter stock and mess up the look of the rifle even more. . . .

    Believe me, my butt is sore from where Iím kicking myself. But constructive input is welcome here. In fact, Iím begging for it.

    Thanks, and all best,

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