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Thread: BREN 8MM ZB Magazines

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    I agree with Tom. I also have a 8mm Bren barrel which I use with the MKII shown. I also use the ZB39 mag for .308.
    The wild card in the semi autos is how close to spec (length) the the welded receiver is. The .303 mag has a pretty wide tolerance and will work well in most semi auto weld ups.

    I have two SA Brens which I built. The Mark I mag. well is spec for the original FA. The .303 and unmodified ZB39 fit and lock up perfectly.

    The mag well on my MKII is long. The .303 fits and locks up fine. On the ZB39's I had to soft solder a shim to the rear of the mag. to fit & lock properly. The ZB30's required grinding on the rear inside of the receiver.
    I haven't modified the MKI for the ZB30 mags but I can tell it will require a little more metal removal than the MKII.

    In any case the metal removal to fit the ZB30's is on a surface that does not affect the fit of the other mags nor the strength of the receiver. If you are not comfortable with removing material use the ZB39 mag. for .308. The ZB30 will handle either .308 or 8mm mauser. All the mags were designed for FA use.

    When you try to fit the ZB30 magazine it is pretty easy to see where and how much material needs to be removed.

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    Greatly appreciate the discussion and everyone’s input! Now better armed and empowered to make the best call.

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