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Thread: Question about Bent Bolt Jap Rifle

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    Question about Bent Bolt Jap Rifle

    I am looking at a Jap Rifle being auctioned that has a bent bolt and an intact Mum. The stock is not cut for a scope mount. I looked at this rifle for only 5 min. so I do not remember too much about it.

    I will be looking at it again prior to the auction. It has the Air Craft Sites, Cleaning Rod, no Dust Cover or Mono Pod. What should I be looking for on this rifle to determine it's value? I will be checking the bolt to see if there is a matching serial number to the receiver.

    If I do pick it up I will post pictures.


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    The mum is a huge plus, the bolt a minus. Can it be straightened? What is the condition of the finish, do the numbers match. What series is it. bore condition. Lots of things to look at to determine value.

    In my experience, an intact mum will add $100 to the rifle at auction. I've seen this even on rifles that essentially weren't fit to shoot due to their condition. A lot of guys say a matching number is more important but these gun auctions, the guys seem to want the mum.

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