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Although the Military Surplus Collectors Forums are FREE to everyone interested in our chosen hobby, Contributing Members are a special group of people who have graciously chosen to voluntarily donate a nominal amount of money, to help us defray several thousand dollars in annual system bandwidth, server, disk storage and monthly maintenance costs needed to operate the site.

This group of members receive additional recognition and access capabilities to MILSURPS.COM, such as a coloured banner panel under their name, a unique colour display of their chosen user name, unlimited picture uploads and file storage on the system, ability to delete their own posts, a substantial increase in private message storage to 2,000 PM's, plus they are NOT exposed to reading Google Ad-sense, or other types of banner advertisements on the site. Finally, they have full access to the Milsurps "Team" Forum, a private forum for the Milsurps Advisory Panel and Contributing Members, where we make available private downloads of military history magazines, books and other gun related publications, as well as show high quality full length feature films, not available in the general public forums.

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