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Thread: Small Arms Series Live - #1 (.303 SMLE with Brian Labudda)

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    Announcement Small Arms Series Live - #1 (.303 SMLE with Brian Labudda)

    Hello folks ....

    I wanted to introduce to our Enfield collector community here, a completely new source of educational and research content, being delivered for the first time in modern digital video format. You've all become accustomed to reading our excellent hard/soft cover research and historical books, but this new LIVE action digital format really brings to life our favorite Enfield hobby. I have to say, if you are new to Enfield collecting, this series should be one of the first things on your list of educational and research material to get you off to a great (and less confusing) start in your collecting journey.

    This new Small Arms Series Live comes on DVD in PAL format, but plays on computers in North America and the accompanying interactive CD works on computers. The first in the new Small Arms Series Live is titled .303 SMLE with Brian Labudda and is shipping now!!

    Ian's plan for rolling out the new series is as follows:

    #1 (.303 SMLE with Brian Labudda) - out now, 2 disc DVD & CD set $39.50 plus p&p
    - DVD: 1hr 24 min. PAL format; CD: 400mb
    - DVD menu: History, detailed identification Models & Markings, Safety, Live Fire, Field Cleaning, Armourer Stripping & Maintenance, Range Shoots, Collections.
    - Interactive Research CD: Manuals, Out-of-Print Titles, Marks & Models photo folder, Armourers Charts, Specifications, Research Material. Effectively, a new digital book.

    #2 (.303 Rifle No.4 & No.5 with Brian Labudda) - out now, 2 disc DVD & CD set, $39.50 plus p&p
    - DVD: 1hr 27min. PAL format, CD: 600mb
    Interactive Research CD: Manuals, Out-of-Print titles, Marks & Models pics, Charts, Research Material. A new digital reference.

    Also available and shipping now in time for great Xmas gift stocking stuffers ...

    Girls with Guns - Compilation of 3 clips, total run 51 min. 'Any Weekend in Arizona', 'Woman at Arms' and 'Calendar Girls'. DVD $25.0 plus p&p.

    Coming soon ....

    #1 (7.62mm S.L.R., the F.A.L. with Kevin Adams) - hopefully out around March-April next year, 2 disc DVD & CD set, $39.50 plus p&p

    #2 'Full on, Full auto' study of MGs & SMGs by countries, UKicon, USAicon, Europe, ComBloc, &c. DVD & CD set, March-April 2016? $39.50 plus p&p. Lots of live action!

    To order and for more information, go to Ian's Bulletin and DVD-CD pages at Ian Skennerton's Small Arms & Militaria Press (click here). Shipping time by Air Mail to USA takes 7-10 days and the cost is $8 in a special shipper and they process both Visa and Mastercard. [Please Note... Orders now processed manually, please forward orders to Ian personally at: idskennerton@hotmail.com : Visa & MasterCard accepted
    Moderator Note: In order to give everyone a flavor as to the high quality content nature of this new series and with Ian's permission, we at Milsurps.Com put together a brief 8 minute infomercial, extracting elements of the original full length 84 minute DVD. We apologize that our quick look snippet is not a slick Hollywood production, but we hope it gives everyone a good idea as to the breadth and depth of what Ian is accomplishing with his new Small Arms Series Live productions.

    If you wish, click on a button on the player (double arrow in bottom right corner of player) to enlarge the window to "full screen" size on your computer.

    Note: The screen size and resolution of the sample video above has been setup for on-line viewing by members with many different computer types and connection speeds. The actual video you would receive when purchasing is full screen sized DVD resolution and associated quality, for viewing on either computers or DVD players attached to your television sets.

    Depending upon the speed of your network connection, the video may initially start and play in a low resolution, not as clear as high resolution. However, You can also click on the button at the bottom right marked HD and view the video in higher resolution, if the speed of your download bandwidth supports it.
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