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Thread: 1944 No.1 Intermediate Shortened & Lightened 'Experimental' Rifle (Mfg SAF Lithgow)

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    1944 No.1 Intermediate Shortened & Lightened 'Experimental' Rifle (Mfg SAF Lithgow)

    1944 No.1 Intermediate Shortened & Lightened Rifle (Mfg by SAF Lithgow) - Serial #XP53 "Experimental"
    c/w 1937 Web Pattern sling (Mfg in 1941 by M.E. Co. - Mills Equipment Co., London)

    Caliber: ............................ .303 in., Mk VII Ammo
    Rifling & Twist: .................. 5 Groove, Enfield, Left Hand Twist
    Barrel Length: .................. 20.2 in (513 mm)
    Overall Length: ................. 39.3 in (998 mm)
    Weight: ............................ 8 lb 11 oz. (3.9 kg) (unloaded)
    Magazine Capacity: ........... 10 rounds (magazine loaded)
    Qty Mfg: ........................... 100 (Serial Number Range XP1 to XP100)
    Price: $9,900 (Local sale only)
    email badger@milsurps.com

    (Click PIC to Enlarge)(Click PIC to Enlarge)

    (Click PIC to Enlarge)(Click PIC to Enlarge)

    1944 No.1 Intermediate Shortened & Lightened Rifle (136 picture photo montage)
    1944 No.1 Intermediate Shortened & Lightened Rifle (136 picture photo montage)

    While a few sample rifles of this basic configuration were fabricated in Englandicon, a batch of about 100 was produced in Australiaicon in 1944 for Army trials. The serial numbers are preceded by XP and range between 1 and about 100.

    Refer to Knowledge Libraryicon article below for more information ....

    1944 No.1 Intermediate Shortened & Lightened Rifle (Knowledge Library Article)
    1944 No.1 Intermediate Shortened & Lightened Rifle (Knowledge Library Article)

    Note: Item is in a used condition and no warranties are expressly implied. We have made every attempt to authenticate and describe the item as accurately as possible, complete with a detailed photo montage exhibiting condition of item at time of sale, however, please study photos and text as thoroughly as possible, as there may be accidental errors or omissions. Only those items described in the actual body of the advertisement are included as part of the sale and other items that may appear in the photo montage to provide background and history of an item, are NOT to be construed as part of the sale. Buyers may enquire as to the optional availability of those other items separately. If you're not sure what's included, then ask!

    Item is listed for sale ONLY within Canadaicon and is available with prior arrangement for pick-up ONLY at our premises.

    Note: We'd like to request that people refrain from sending us requests to ship items advertised as Local Pickup Only. Sorry, we're too old to be packing and shipping bulky expensive items like this, hoping that nothing gets damaged by the Post Office, or worse, it goes missing. If you're really interested, you might want to find someone local who would be willing (for fee) to pickup on your behalf, package and forward items to you.

    If any buyer outside of Canada wishes to acquire this item, they must make their own arrangements for pickup from our location in Canada, as well as agree to assume all responsibility for any shipping and export documentation requirements to their own location. Here's the contact information of a dealer very close to us who exports from Canada to the U.S., and also worldwide.

    Precision Arms & Gunsmithing Ltd.
    2974 King Road, Unit 3
    King City ON Canada L7B 1L6
    T. 905 833 7151
    F. 905 833 7155
    Precision Arms Gunsmithing Ltd. - Home

    Successful buyer agrees to permit the photo montage of this rifle, to be continued to be displayed in the on-line Milsurps Knowledge Library, for the benefit of all collectors.
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