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Thread: How do I find threads with questions that have never been answered?

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    Question How do I find threads with questions that have never been answered?

    Other than someone who fails to say thank you when they get an answer to a question theyíve posted, I donít think thereís anything more frustrating then starting a thread with a question, and not ever receiving any replies.

    Often itís not that people are deliberately ignoring a memberís request, but rather because of the linear design of the bulletin board software, if thereís no response, the original posterís thread quickly moves down the list and disappears into secondary pages. With a popular forum which sees a lot of traffic and many threads being posted, that can happen quickly. So, itís easy to be overlooked since a thread doesnít get bumped to the top of any forum, simply due to a lack of responses. Sometimes itís also that a member who may have an answer is so busy with real life, they just donít have the time to answer right away, thinking theyíll try to remember to get to that question later when they are less hurried, but we all know how that works.

    To help everyone check for those questions that never got answered, weíve added a new function to the drop down menus at the top of the web page.

    Itís pretty easy to useÖ.

    Click PIC to Enlarge)

    Simply click on the menu drop down box item titled Unanswered Threads and choose a time frame youíd like to review. If you see a thread title that you think you might be able to contribute to, then click on it and answer it just as you would do for any thread you read in the forums.

    Iím sure thereís a lot of threads hanging around that members never got answers to, that this new site function can perhaps help jog the memory of other members who may have the time or inclination to answer now.

    We hope that this addition helps everyone better enjoy the site.


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    That is a good feature Doug, not something normally found on most forums.
    - Darren
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