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Thread: Pending legislation on M1 Carbines in California - info, not political - please!

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    Pending legislation on M1 Carbines in California - info, not political - please!

    Mods and members, this is not meant to be political or become political commentary. If you need to lock it, please leave it for at least information. It is important for many members here to at least be aware.

    California Assembly Bills AB1663 ND AB1664, passed out of committee with apparent ease on their way to the assembly floor. The bills, knee jerk reaction to the San Bernardino terrorist attack last year, ban all semi-automatic centerfire rifles, including M1icon Carbines, Winchester Model 100, .351 Remington self loaders, SKSs, Remington 742s, Tokarev and Lunjman semis, etc. All military collectable semi-automatics would be banned. The target date is July 1. 2016. Unfortunately the Calguns Foundation analysts feel it will likely pass and be signed, even though the weapons used by the terrorists were not California Legal anyway.

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