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Thread: California AR shooters Summary of laws signed by Governor affecting your AR15

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    California AR shooters Summary of laws signed by Governor affecting your AR15

    Mods, this is not meant to become political, so lock it if you need to, but please leave posted. It is information that California AR shooters need to know. I am retired LEO and former FFL, and have spent some time researching what was actually signed. This is dispel the internet myths that are already spreading.

    Here is a simplified summary, based on reading the actual text of the bills as signed by the governor on the state's own legislative web page.

    1) Centerfire rifles with detachable magazines (M1 carbine, Mini-14, M1Aicon, Remington Model 8, Winchester Model 100, etc) are exempt from registration, as long as they do not have ANY evil features (see below)..

    2) Any semi automatic rifle that does not have a fixed magazine (can not be removed without substantially disassembling the weapon) and that has an evil feature (pistol grip, collapsable stock, flash hider) is an Assault Weapon. No more can be bought or brought into the state after 12-31-2016. Those already in the state prior to 1-1-2017, have to be registered prior to 1-1-2018. That means even weapons with bullet buttons and mag locks will be banned after 12-31-2016. Registration is only $15 per person, no matter how many weapons you register. Failure to register an Assault Weapon, and and possession of it after 1-1-2017 is a felony.

    3) ALL Magazines that hold more than 10 rounds are banned effective 1-1-2017, no matter when they were obtained. No more grandfathered pre-1-1-2000 high cap mags. ONLY active and retired Law Enforcement are exempt. They must be sent out of state or turned in by 1-1-2017. Possession, however, is only an infraction (like a stop sign ticket) and a $100 fine for first offense. I think 3rd offense it becomes a misdemeanor.

    4) technically "featureless" ARs and AKs with pinned stocks, muzzle brakes and kydex paddle grips are still considered not to have evil features at this point, but their fate is uncertain, as there is worry that they may interpret the law as "originally designed," or designed to be fitted with... etc.

    The good news (if you can call it that) is that if you register it, under the wording of the signed law, there in no differing level of assault weapons, so the bullet button becomes irrelevant and can be replaced with a standard mag button. No weapon is more assault weapon than another assault weapon because of features, etc. If you read the law, it is actually very clear.Registered Assault weapons, however, can not be passed on to your kids, and must be sold out of state or turned in for destruction.

    My M1 Carbine does not need registered. My Saiga IZ132 7.62x39 that I turned into an AKM, I can return to sporter configuration, and it won't need registered. My ARs will need registered, or be made featureless.

    I have until December 31, 2018 to decide what I want to to. I am inclined to register my ARs and PTR91 HK G3 clone, just because featureless sucks. My Saiga, I will probably return to sporter. At any rate, I can legally run them as Assault Weapons after 1-1-2017, and hold off registering until the end of 2017. Then I will decide.

    My magazines are all safe, since the Governor (under pressure from LEO organizations, I am sure) signed the version of the magazine ban that exempts active and retired LEOs (like me). He agreed that it is stupid to limit even law enforcement, when criminals and terrorists don't pay attention to magazine limit restrictions.

    Conclusions. They are stupid laws, and I hate the laws. I firmly support the 2nd amendment, an do not think citizens should have to register rifle or be limited to 10 rounders. The problem is, I don't want to be a felon, so I will comply with the law. Just not sure what I will register, and what I will run featurelss. We will see how that plays out before 1-1-2018.

    There are a lot of old versions of the law that were since amended that are floating around.
    Go to: for the Assault Weapon law

    and go to for magazine law
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    Having said that, there is good content in the original post that may help some of our California members better understand the legislation that was passed. To discuss further, I'd recommend any interested member contact the original poster imarangemaster via PM (Private Message) to carry on the conversation.

    Thanks to everyone for their understanding.

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