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Thread: Reloading data if you need it..

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    Hello everyone! I am new to this forum and hope to learn and share information.

    I have a .303 Britishicon (Lithgowicon arms Aust not Enfield) and don't know too much about it even after looking into it on the net as in stamps & such so don't exactly know what model, mk etc. maybe someone may be able to identify it properly if I take some photos of the stamping. It came with some of the original solid cordite? - with berdan primer twin flash hole ex military ammunition. Brokered through a licensed pawn shop and reg'd to my license about 10 years ago. The original ex mil ammo has been fired once as well as modern .303 ammo (boxer primed) and I looked into getting more berdan primers to reload the ex mil stuff which a shop in NZ seems to be able to supply. I can easily make a twin flash hole deprimer (or use hydraulics) however I might just use factory loads for this rifle for a while until I have enough brass (really how much is enough?) to reload boxer style with my Quickload calculations as I am undergoing reloading for other calibers and sciencing the hell out 'em so may not really have the time or inclination.

    At the moment I am reloading some 300 Blackout (supers and subs) and 22-250 Rem with adjustments to and from the lands and slight differences in powder charges to see what performs best in these rifles/chambers/barrel lengths.

    I use Quickload and take everything into consideration ie: fired case volume for a particular rifle, measure real COAL for a particular projectile in said rifle taking into account age of rifle and rifling/lands erosion, case trim length, bullet seating depth to and from the lands, powder fill capacity and amount of powder burnt looking for most efficiency etc...

    So if anybody needs reloading data and can supply the specific chamber data of their rifle (I can help to determine this data if you need) I am more than willing to help.

    I have always been a military enthusiast and love history so if anyone has any tips or ideas on any WWII era weapons I am very glad to hear them.

    Thank you
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