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Thread: Just out of Interest

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    Just out of Interest

    Just updating my files of the Lithgowicon Survey.
    I am a bit bemused by the small amount of low numbered rifles throughout the sheet.
    1913 has 1 two digit number and 8 three digit numbers, what you would expect from early production.
    But after that it seems that low numbers are very scarce.
    A series has 1 two digit and 3 three digit numbers,
    B series has 4xthree digit,
    C series has 4xthree digit,
    D series has 5xthree digit,
    E series has 3xthree and F series has no low listed numbers at all.

    So what happened to all these rifles? seems a bit strange not to have the odd one listed.
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    Is it known if each series started at 1?

    Btw did they include zeros before the 1? aka 000001?

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    It's all to do with mathematical probabilities Muffer....... Maths, my favourite subject....... Don't forget that out of the whole, say, D number series, there will only be 9 rifles with one number, 89 with 2 numbers, 999 with 3 numbers and so on. So by definition, there WILL be fewer of the singles

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