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Thread: Churchill's Secret Warriors

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    Churchill's Secret Warriors

    I have just finished reading "Churchill's Secret Warriors"; by Damien Lewis.
    This book turned out to be quite a surprise, and a totally riveting read!
    What threw me at first was the cover picture of David Stirling's guy's in typical north African desert pose, in jeeps laden with jerry cans and machine guns. So I was expecting a book about the SAS. But David Stirling only pop's up on 4 pages!
    The book is all about Anders Lassen, (VC, MC and 2 bars) and the very beginning of special operations from SOE's Small Scale Raiding Force that stole into a neutral West African port and took an Italianicon ship and 2 german boats ; to the SBS raids through the greek islands.
    It is quite simply a window into past of some of the most successful special forces raids of all time; and the life of probably one of the bravest men of WWII.

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