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Thread: Toyo Kogyo 35th Series last ditch Type 99

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    Toyo Kogyo 35th Series last ditch Type 99

    I put an absentee bid on this rifle at an auction in PA last night and a few days later I received a call saying I won it for the pricey sum of $210. I had to call to get some photos of the receiver markings and find out if it was matching. I had a feeling it was a 34th or 35th series based on the stock color, which I've been told is very distinctive for that arsenal. I took a bit of a gamble since the auction house didn't know how to disassemble the bolt, so all I had to go off is that the bolt handle did indeed match. Today I picked it up and was very pleased with what I received.

    The stock is in perfect shape, with the inspector stamps clearly visible on the bottom of the stock. Hasn't been refinished either and has that dark Toyo Kogyo color I've read about. All of the parts that are numbered match, which includes the bolt handle, extractor, safety, and striker. No number on the bayonet lug. The Type 99 book seems to differ with what parts should be numbered on this series, so maybe there's something odd about it? Screws are unstaked, which is a slight disappointment, but oh well.

    The mum has been defaced, but there's still a bit left to it. I prefer that to the whole thing being scrubbed away. Whoever did it didn't seem to enthusiastic about it with the minimal grinding, haha!

    A little bonus was that I found someone has carved their initials on the wooden butt plate. I'm guessing it's the GI who brought it back, but who's to say for sure. It's a neat personal touch in any case.

    Finally, I saw in the auction photos there was a dust cover on the rifle. I knew it wasn't correct for the series, so I assumed someone had just added a reproduction to it. I was pleasantly surprised to find it was actually an original with a serial number and proof marks. Not sure if it's a late Type 38 or a Type 99. Any idea what arsenal it goes with?

    Besides the long drive time to pick it up in PA I'm very happy with this rifle. Seems hard to find nice, original condition late war Type 99's around here in western NYS. Enjoy the photos!

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    A Type 38 dust cover won't fit on a 99 so it's a 99 cover. Nice looking late model rifle. Price isn't bad and you have a struck mum, not a ground mum. They generally are worth a little more than a ground mum just because it's more appealing to potential buyers.

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