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Thread: New to me Sears Ranger 101.16 .22 Cal with scope

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    New to me Sears Ranger 101.16 .22 Cal with scope

    Hello Milsurp Friends!

    Just wanted to show my recent acquisition of a Sears Ranger 101.16 .22 Cal "Garand" look-a-like.

    I wish to thank all the forum members who contributed a wealth of information about these, as I had never heard of them before.....and, frankly, do not even remember how I came across them....was doing a Google search for something and looking at images.

    Cannot give details until I hold it, see it and shoot it. It comes with the 4X scope in the photo on a TO3 mount, according to the description. I have a T1 at home, if I need to change it. The rifle appears in very nice condition. It really has no place in my milsurp collection other than it kinda looks like an M1icon. I already have a JC Higgins .22 with a scope. Hey, it's an old gun, so I guess I like it. It is unique. Maybe I could use it in a Rim Fire Sporter match?

    Anyway.....it will soon be enroute to my FFL, who will hold it until I get home from Afghanistan. It's nice to have a dealer do that for you. I had become a regular customer and have a good rapport with them.

    Based on prices I have seen in the completed listings and from those commented on the forums, I think I did average at $500.
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    Nice little rifle, we see them occasionally here too. Very nice catch...I'd love to try it out.
    Regards, Jim

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    Nice looking rifle Jason, I've never seen seen one before, don't think any ever came to the UKicon.

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    Just saw an article about one of those. I believe Savage made these for Sears. The U.S. Military purchased some, would have flame bomb and RIA markings if so.

    Edit, it was Stevens, not Savage.
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    Stevens (Savage) Model 87 rifle action inside the military style wood, not common to find these days. The Model 87 was introduced during the late 1930's and well known. My uncle bought a used
    Model 87 in the 1950's and shot it a lot, I have it now and it still works without any problems

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