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Thread: Current pricing for a semi auto BREN ?

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    Not usually a problem getting a MK2 gas cylinder out as they are not threaded :-)


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    Just to update what has been going on in the market on semi auto Brens during 2020.

    As there are NO large manufacturers tackling Bren builds and those medium to small builders, like Project Guns, Wiselite, SMG and others have ceased doing business. Their heyday appeared to have run through the late 90's and early 2000's.

    Historic Arms, Kiwi Custom Guns and possibly a guy calling himself Neanderthal Armory seem to be the only manufacturers building and selling during the late 2019's into the 2020 period. All others are mostly built as personal builds and possibly offered on the open market at a later time. Neanderthal seems to have issues finishing builds in a timely manor but none the less, his name pos up on other builds that have come up for sale. I did see a Neanderthal Bren for sale on GB. Do not recall what it sold for. Possibly under $6k.

    More than likely, Covid 19 and other political events have slowed down builds, and importation of parts. ITAR and ATF's restriction on importation of gun barrels has hurt the market and new builds as well. European Dewat or deactivation rules have also dictated a more complete destruction of useable parts, including barrels, receivers, internal parts like bolts and piston parts have also meant a large part of the surplus market is getting thinner. Less of those parts are making it into the US.

    As of late 2019-early 2020, semi auto Brens were being listed and sold on line for $6,000 to $6,500 US dollars. I think this may be the top of the market, as any higher and one can get into an actual machine gun, although usually in 9mm. The problem with these higher prices, in that they may be fair prices, IF one gets a solidly, well built gun that functions reliably. The qualifier there is RELIABLE. Too many of us have seen that these builds can be problematic for a number of reasons. Some are easy fixes, some are not. The last L4 Bren (.308) I watched try to sell for months at an upper $7k price and eventually was lowered to around $6500. I am not sure if it sold or was just pulled from the market? Achieving $7k didn't seem to be a reality.

    With a slow down or a fear of a slow down, I think people are having to realistically adjust their spending habits. The rioting taking place in large cities has driven gun sales, but not on some of the upper end collectables. That is not a 100% coverall statement, as I have watched FN M-249s selling for $12k average. Of course this is a large, well known manufacturer, turning out a product that is presumed to be reliable and backed by the FN corporation. As well, with some of the chatter and fear of Civil War within the US, the gun market has been very active. BUT many first time buyers or new security minded individuals, they are buying the lower end, like AR-15s and 9mm pistols.

    If your experience with pricing is different, please comment.
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    I had a Historic Arms Bren for several years, extra barrel, case of mags, two butt stocks, 7.62x54R kit with different mags and barrel. It worked fine and ran flawless, never bound up or had issues of any kind with commercial ammo, a few issues with old milsurp ammo and hard primers. If it does not run without binding up, it is not a $6k rifle in any market.

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