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Thread: SAS L1A1 (but not really)

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    Pete, I never encountered any mix of wood & plastic together, on any L1A1's I inspected or worked on in Service. Even doing inspections on War Reserve stocks, did not reveal any either!

    I would only imagine, if in an 'up the sharp end' situation. if a lack of spares forced the change of particular component. Then it would be fitted to keep the weapon in Action. (if Safe!)
    & when spares became sufficient, the weapon in question called in to the Armourer. For replacement of the correct component/ part.

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    When I bought 1,000 L1A1's off the NZicon Army in 1988 (changeover to Steyr AUG), plastic/wood mixing was common. NZ Army removed most of the carry handles years before (a soldier carrying his rifle by the handle was no use to anyone) and filled the slot with a rubber washer, but the few that had carry handles were a mixture of wood and plastic. The Maranyl plastic furniture was made in NZ for a few years. I will see if I can dig out some old photos of the shipment. I stripped, checked, and rebuilt every rifle with the correct matching of furniture. Only about 10 rifles were U/S out of the thousand (mostly damaged barrels) and these were rebarrelled in either .308 or .243 and refurbished as target or hunting rifles. I also did a couple in 7mm/08 in later years.

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