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Thread: BOTR and Chappie used K11's with just Irons at 300m Competition.

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    BOTR and Chappie used K11's with just Irons at 300m Competition.

    Note electronic target info.

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    Nice Video. Being originally from Milan, I had a few opportunities, together with our reserve Officer's organisation, to take part to shooting competitions in the Ticino Federal State, with Swissicon officers and NCOs.
    We shot the K11 in .22LR, the K31 in 7.5x55, the STG 57 in the same caliber and the later assault rifle SG 550 in 5.6 mm.
    All but the .22LR at 300 meters.
    20 years ago they already had fabulous ranges with cameras or sensors for the POI. I never learned that much before and after.
    The nice thing is that they have ranges everywhere, along motorways, highways, from a hill to the next over roads (as seen here).
    There is no shyness towards firearms and no-one makes stupid things.
    Actually, a shooter's paradise.
    I can confirm everything you see here in this video.
    34a cp., btg. Susa, 3° rgt. Alpini

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    Hello! I'm a new guy here. I really enjoyed your video. Those are very nice ranges also. Thanks for the video.

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