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Thread: The Bling Cup 2017 at Coolilup Range Capel Western Australia

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    The Bling Cup 2017 at Coolilup Range Capel Western Australia

    There was a full bore comp on this w/end at the range so the Effies got together and decided we would run a mini comp just between ourselves oldies V Young'uns.
    The requirements for the oldies was 50+ years so we ended up with 6 and the young'uns had 6 as well numbers were down as most f class shooters stayed away due to the full bore shoot.

    So we were called "Team Treachery" they called themselves "Friendly Fire" there was nothing inferred in the name.
    So we shot 10 counters with 2 sighters at 5-6-700M the conditions were cold & still so we only really had to contend with air density issues which you cannot pick anyway just get a vertical flyer or a low one.

    We all shot well but the young'uns bombed on their first hit on target 10 so we had them there but allas at 600 we discovered the target was not sensing properly and suffered the same fate so we discounted target 10's scores for each of us but in the end the panel added up the totals with target 10 included.
    So it came to the last range and graciously the full bores had a spare target (No.5) so we shifted the young'uns up Tgt 9 so we were all equal with correct registration of the rounds the Konigs targets are now 7 years old and we have rebuilt them 4 times (Sound chamber) Tgt.10's sound chamber the back panel came loose causing erroneous registration of the shots will be fixed this week.
    Heres a footnote ~ the 5-6th shooters of our team at 600M the top two guns decided after the four of us that suffered the incorrect shots registering said they would shoot on Tgt 9 and shot a 60.5 and a 59.6 we the other 4 protested we should be allowed a re-shoot but was dismissed in the Kangaroo court held there and then BUGG*R

    The scores at the end were YG's - 960.38/1080.180 - Team Treachery 1060.54/1080.180 no expense was spared on the trophies brought at the Red Dot store ($2/Ea).

    All in all it was a great day my friend took out the top off rifle with a 179.18 only dropping a single point over the 3 ranges he was using a 6.5 Creedmore. I dropped 2 at 500 5 at 600 (Tgt 10?) and 2 at 700.
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    Hope you have enough room in your Trophy cabinet for that monster


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