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Thread: fake no4T?

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    fake no4T?

    Out of curiosity is this a real No4t or not? to me, no but I am no expert.

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    Well the scopes not vertically aligned and the price is way to cheap for a purported early T the serif style of the T, OS No. on the bracket is suspicious as is the serial on the wrist, were the early "T"s stamped on the flats. I have seen repop hinged bands for sale on that site so its pretty easy to age stuff if it seems to good & cheap then it may be not what it seems just my rudimentary take on things.

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    Gone silent ..............................stamps are crisp and certainly the T didnt feel right, nor the price, but as I say waiting for the experts views, as nothing in relation to 4T's is ever crystal clear!!!!

    Oh.....its that obvious ha ha!
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    You get one guess
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    I'm certainly no expert, but even I can tell that the front pad mounting looks pretty bad.

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