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Thread: A 1000k Wet Run

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    A 1000k Wet Run

    Our informal group of enthusiast had the last run before winter rains set in, if only we had known what Sunday held for us.
    We ventured out to a place in our wheat belt called Kukerin our previous run had been to Ardath up from Babakin in the wheat belt.
    Saturday was a great run getting there sunny as though we took a detour due to road works and not wanting to get gravel mud on our bikes required a 40 k round trip to get to the intended route.
    Pretty good cruising speeds once we got into the wheat belt as the roads are for the main in great condition and very lonely as far as traffic goes averaging xxx-xxxkph.
    I did a flyby past one of the hyabusa's at xxxkph he was at xxxkph, we did have a police car flash us near Collie as our speeds were ummm xx K's higher than the xxkph limit oops...Nice copper that chap.....
    Anyone who has owned a high powered bike that has good rubber and a very experienced rider on board knows the temptation to twist the grip we ride in an extended line up to 2+ k's long for safety riding as a tight group at those speeds will see you all down if it goes south
    Stopped at Wagin for a feed, then to Dumbleyung, Harrismith Oasis Pub then the long run to Kukerin. I had my first drink when we stopped at Kukerin for the night.
    Its a typical wheatbelt pub from the 1900's they had a picture of it with the local armed forces on parade in front of it circa 1930 (should have taken a picture of it).
    Great atmosphere there we crowded the front bar (the only bar) as you can see from the pics (sorry for the quality the sun was going down and the iphone is useless really)
    Sadly these places are slowly going as the size of the populace is so small and the schools have shut down with people moving away, its a sad part of our heritage that is dwindling.
    Where the bikes are lined up at Wagin they are;
    1300 Hyabusa - Yoshi pipes, power commander mild worked engine,
    Benelli 1000 triple,
    A 900 Safari type bike make not known,
    Ducati 1200 Monster (Red mudguard just showing)
    1100 Super Blackbird Blue (Mine),
    675 Triumph Speed Triple,
    1050 Triumph Speed Triple,
    1100 Super Blackbird Black,
    1300 Hyabusa.
    More riders met us at the Kukerin pub, the Sunday pics are the over cast & raining we spent 5 hours in rain so hard even with thick Dryryder gear on they were like gravel stones hitting you and they weren't so dry, my hands were like shriveled prunes when I got home.
    I got my confidence back riding in those conditions as its been a 30 year break from the bikes I am very impressed with the Michelin pilots I have on the bike very good grip.
    Out towns how they are pronounced by us Colonials,
    Dumbleyung (Dumble-young),
    Wagin (Wage-in),
    Kukerin (Cook-er-in).

    Post script ~ Here are some pics my wife took of before I left home with all the gear on, as you can see the weather was not great but fined up nicely 200klms away........
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    Pity about the weather...... I did a 200 mile round trip once before joining a ship, I was on my Suzuki GSXR 750 Slingshot it never stopped raining throughout. When I got back I made a promise to myself never set foot again in the rain on a bike....... from that day I became a fair weather rider.

    I've just bought an old kawasaki ZZR 600 its been an unloved bike but suits my needs, the idea is to leave it at Dover and when I get off the ship, go over to Franceicon on it for a few days etc to visit some WW1 and WW2 sites, another sign of age when you buy the bike for the job in hand rather than trying to strap everything on a sports bike, even has a top box with it..........
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    34a cp., btg. Susa, 3° rgt. Alpini

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    Sounds pretty fun Cinders. I can't say I have ever ridden a street bike as I know car drivers are pretty silly and I would not be able to trust them were I on a bike like that. However, having a decently sporty car that I take out and around the hills and empty roads in QLD I can relate to the feeling and want to crank it open when you get the chance. That being said I don't get wet when it rains like you haha.

    Be safe on the road out there.

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