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Thread: Dunkirk part 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrclark303 View Post
    Yea, fascinating stuff Geoff. I think the oil companies took a special interest in the the surviving oil and lubricants..

    It was a very special boat to visit and Liverpool, being at the very heart of the Battle of the Atlantic, was the place she should have been preserved long term.

    I also remember the Oberon class boat and the Country class Destroyer ( don't remember their names) preserved there too!

    Cutting up one of the final Type 9 boats was a blatant act of vandalism.... An insult to all who died in the utterly Savage Atlantic war, on both sides.

    John, it was the time when the culture word (or world in some eyes) was used too much, I couldn't believe they never got any funding yet the lottery funding goes out to all kinds of pointless community projects and other support groups that fold within a few months.......

    You will remember the "Kings Liverpool Regiment" part of the main museum, a fascinating display that I spent many hours in when I was a kid, it was when I went back many years later to find it had been binned for some cultural display........ to think a display like that from one of the oldest Regiments was reduced to a box room display in the heritage Museum on the docks........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Womack View Post
    Of course, folks, it isn't all for naught. You can still visit type IXC u-boat U-505 captured by U.S. Task Group 22.3 on June 4th, 1944 in Chicago at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. her interior is also preserved.


    Bob, That looks very impressive, although a lot better condition than U534, that kind of set up could of been done to house her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigduke6 View Post
    "Kings Liverpool Regiment"
    Ah, I remember it well Geoff, I always made a b line for it as a kid, Vickers Guns display etc, followed by the shrunken heads ...

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