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Thread: 1903/1903A3 Parts, NOS SC barrels and Stocks

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    1903/1903A3 Parts, NOS SC barrels and Stocks

    Please click on the link below for a list. These are excellent parts, many are NOS. Prices do not include shipping but I will combine parts to get the lowest shipping cost.
    1903A3 parts inventory - Google Sheets

    I have 2 NOS 1903A3 Smith Corona barrels in the original packaging remaining. They are 4 groove barrels dated SC 10-43. I opened them briefly to check the barrel dates and then resealed them. Please see the picture link below for an example of one I sold recently. They are short chambered so they will need to be finish reamed to the proper headspace. $300 each plus $20 shipping
    SC Barrels - Album on Imgur

    These are two solid great looking straight or "S" stocks with nice cartouches. They also have matching handguards with clips and correct band springs installed.

    # 1 Pins 1 - Album on Imgur
    This is one of the best stocks I have owned with an awesome cartouche! Someone removed the top of the notch for the cutoff lever so I repaired that area with color matching bedding compound (stronger than the wood). The repair has no effect on the structure of the stock and is barely noticeable in person (and will be almost invisible once the rifle is in the stock and cutoff lever is down). $180.

    #2 Pins #2 - Album on Imgur
    Excellent stock. $180

    Shipping for barrels and stocks is $20 (West Coast shipping will cost a little more). I can take PayPal, a postal money order or a certified bank check. If your bank uses Zelle, I can also accept payment through that service. Thanks for looking!

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