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Thread: K98K request for information Possible Russian capture.

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    my $.02 worth

    Most of the replies here are near correct. In my experience with Mausers, Russianicon captures have for the most part some distinct I.D. traits. That is with very few exceptions, RC will have painted or blue black bolt take-down discs, the rear sight upper surface will not be bright or unfinished as originals were, the butt plate will be blue-black and the large serial number stamped on left butt stock will match the barrel/receiver #. Many RC appear to have new bolts some with electro pencil #s. I do think some of what are thought to be parkerized were just sandblasted and given the oxpho blue-black finish that most had, I have also read some were parkerized, but that might be debatable since it would be difficult to tell the difference between what is described above. A dead giveaway for RC is the crappy red varnished stocks.
    Few RC have a bright bore and sharp rifling but most still are great shooters. Don't believe the gurus who say RC are not collectable. Now days if a K98kicon is desired for a collection a RC may be the only choice. I see some RC 98k selling for close to $1000. Of course those who downplay the worth of a RC got their collectables way back when. I owned a small gunshop in Millington, TN beginning in 1960. Then near unissued Mausers were around 20 bucks. The first mass importation of them came from South America, Peru, Argentinaicon, Chile. I bought mint 1909 Peruvians and Argentine carbines for around 15.00 wholesale 1n 1959 or 60. Shudder!!! I customized dozens of them to .243 and .308 and sold them for 120.00 or so.
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