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    Just watching a doco on "The American Civil War" and what a fascinating one it is as I never realized just how big it really got for you all there.
    The politics behind the scenes in the Union were like a hamstring with Lincoln asking could he borrow the army for a while due to the inaction of the commander of the Union Army.

    The battle between the Merrimack & Monitor was interesting as well I did not know they collided 5 times and were almost muzzle to muzzle in the battle of Hampton roads.
    In one battle the Confederate soldiers were reduced to throwing rocks at the blue jackets such was their shortage of ammunition.
    I think o/all casualties from the conflict were 600,000 dead, president Roosevelt had a speech to the last survivors on the tape as well with those that were left marching it is a good series still watching it up to Sept 1862 at present.

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    Quite a few artifacts have been recovered from the Monitor. This is the Dahlgren gun they brought up a number of years ago (conserved in a water bath).

    It, and other items, are at the Mariners Museum and Park in Newport News Virgina, near Hampton Roads. https://www.marinersmuseum.org/

    There have been countless films and documentaries that cover the Battle of Gettysburg; some pretty good, some -- not so much. If you haven't already seen it, I think you might enjoy the 1993 production 'Gettysburg'.

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